One day while standing on a cliff

I watched the seagulls in their drift,

The wind was high, the sea was rough

Waves tore into the rocky bluff.


I heard not far the distant cry

Of seamen who shall never die,

Convoys sailed, Corvettes their guide

Hell broke loose, ships they died.


Sub were lying all about

An Asdic Rating gave a shout,

Clear for action, Helms aí lee

The Battle began on the cruel sea.


Seamen fought through out the night

It was for them a valiant fight,

They did not moan, nor did they weep

As the Battle took them to the deep.


A rusting hulk shall be their tomb

As they lie asleep in the oceanís womb,

They gave their lives upon the sea

That you and I shall ere to be free.


If upon a cliff you stand

And hear the cry of seagulls grand,

Think of those in watery graves

Who gave their lives upon the waves.


Poem by

R. (Bob) Dollack